Enhancing wellbeing through cannabinoids.

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Our brands meet and beat
consumers’ expectations

GREEN PASSION was established in 2016 and is today’s leading Swiss brand for cannabis consumer products in the premium lifestyle segment, consisting of cannabis flowers and oils as well as paraphernalia. GREEN PASSION stands for Swiss quality and represents the lifestyle of a new generation, offering a natural remedy from a stressful life.

Under the FENOCAN brand, feminized CBD and CBG dominant seeds with low THC contents (<1%) are produced in Switzerland and marketed internationally. Our unique portfolio of selected, non-psychoactive F1 hybrid varieties offers both home growers and industrial cultivators the highest quality feminized cannabis seeds available in all countries where growing them is legally allowed.

Under the DOLOCAN brand, various Swiss made cannabis/CBD healthcare products with standardized cannabinoid contents are marketed, including a line of vegan skincare, beauty & wellness products as well as tinctures and oils.

The innovative DOLOCAN skincare line stands for a new kind of natural wellness and beauty products that focus on holistic wellbeing. The skincare products support body and mind in a sustainable way, for a natural balance in everyday life.